Hoping on the love train….

My dear friend, who MAY have noticed I haven’t written on my blog in quite some time, asked me to hop on the LOVE train this Friday – so I decided to dust the cobwebs off my computer and take her up on the offer – here are just a few things I LOVE….

  • writing on my blog – when I can find the time
  • clear blue chicago september skies
  • the free taste of pastrami when you order a pastrami on rye from Katz‘s
  • a beard & mustache free husband
  • flip flops & frozen toes in the fall
  • shutting off the alarm because its SATURDAY
  • unfolding a beach towel into the sand & sinking in
  • first birthday cake face plants and frosting aftermaths
  • finding the perfect nail polish color…and remembering the name
  • packing a suitcase full of gifts
  • melting butter into chocolate over boiling water
  • strolling down lakeshore when it’s cold and abandoned
  • weather that doesn’t make your hair frizz
  • weather that makes your hair frizz when its summer vacation
  • winning a swimming pool handstand contest
  • clicking “submit” on an online application
  • frozen peppermint patties

and I think my favorite thing I love right at this moment

  • falling slowly in love with the windy city while still missing nyc……

our recent trip to Katz – a place we will ALWAYS love!


2 responses to “Hoping on the love train….

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  2. And I love a colleague whose blend of whimsy and practicality brings peace to my workday soooooo frequently. Looks like now I have to try Katz’s. Hmmmm. Yum.

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